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Global 3-Pc Knife Set (G-2515)

Global 3-Pc Knife Set (G-2515)
Global 3-Pc Knife Set includes an 8in Chef's, a 5.5in Vegetable and a 3in Paring knife.

Global knives have razor sharp blades that are great for a variety of cutting, slicing, chopping, paring or mincing jobs. Global knives are loved by professional chefs and are an excellent choice for home cooks.

The three most innovative features of Global knives are their edge, balance and seamless stainless steel construction. The gorgeous modern Lightweight design includes a textured handle for a secure grip, offering superior control and precision. Global's unique smooth contours and seamless construction prevent food and dirt particles from collecting on the knife, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

IdeasEtcetera.com recommends you to Handwash your Global knives with mild dishsoap, rinse and dry them thoroughly with a towel.

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