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MinoSharp 4-Pc Super Fine Sharpening Stone Set (461)

MinoSharp 4-Pc Super Fine Sharpening Stone Set (461)
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Product Description

MinoSharp 4-Pc Super Fine Sharpening Stone Set includes:
  • a 6000 Grit whetstone
  • a Plastic Holder that serves as Storage
  • a Large and Small Guide Rail
  • Sharpening Instructions are printed on the box.

How to Use your MinoSharp Whetstone

  1. Before you use the whetstone, please soak it in water for 10-20 minutes until the air bubbles rising up from the stone disappear.
  2. During sharpening always keep a small amount of water on the stone; also, leave the powder residue from the stone, on the stone during sharpening.
  3. When sharpening with water whetstones, it is important to maintain the same angle between the knife blade and the stone. We recommend you keep the angle between 10-15 degrees. We have specially prepared our Guide Rails for this purpose.
  4. The Guide Rails are lined with plastic to minimize any scatching on the knife during their use. Any time you remove one from your knife, rinse and clean thoroughly to remove any particles of the grit remaining inside the Guide Rails which can scatch the knife when the Guide Rail is next used. Slide the Guide Rail onto and along the top of the blade.
  5. Place the knife blade with Guide Rail on the whetstone and sharpen the knife. The Guide Rail will automatically create the desired angle between the blade edge and the stone.
  6. For knives ground on both sides, MinoSharp recommends sharpening the right side of the blade first until you feel a burr on the left side. Then change hands and sharpen the left side of the blade until you feel a burr on the right side. Repeat this alternating from right side to left side 4 or 5 times until you have removed the burr from both sides.
  7. Knives with blades ground on ONE SIDE ONLY should be sharpened with the angle of the edge meeting the whetstone at the same angle. They must NOT be sharpened using a steel.
  8. After sharpening, knives should be hand washed with mild soap and hot water and then dried thoroughly

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