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Bunmei 7-in. Usuba Knife | Cuchillo Bunmei Usuba de 7"

Bunmei 7-in. Usuba Knife
Bunmei 7-in. Usuba Knife
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Product Description

Bunmei 7-in. Usuba Knife is a thin Japanese-style vegetable knife. Usuba knives are rectangular in shape and have a rounded corner on the far blunt side. Usuba's thin and wide blade is perfect for delicately slicing and mincing vegetables. Bunmei knives are traditional Japanese knives. Bunmei knives are sharpened with a one half to three quarter inch bevel on just one side giving them the ultimate degree of sharpness. The balance of Bunmei knives is also very different from western knives. Bunmei knives are made of a high carbon stainless steel and also contain molybdenum and vanadium giving them excellent edge retention and have slip resistant wooden Handles with Black bolsters. It is recommended that you Handwash with warm water, mild dishsoap, and dry thoroughly with a towel.

Cuchillo Bunmei Usuba de 7 pulgadas es un cuchillo de navaja ancha, punta rectangular, esta afilado de un solo lado de la navaja y son utilizados por chefs profesionales para hacer cortes muy finos y con detalles para Sushi o Sashimi.

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