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Classic Teakettle Use & Care

Chantal Classic Teakettle Use & Care

Read all instructions before using your Chantal Teakettle. Save these instructions.

Important Safeguards

Never let liquids in kettle boil dry, the extreme temperatures can cause irreparable damage to your tea-kettle, possible damages to your burner, and will void the warranty. If damage is apparent, the kettle should no longer be used.

Caution: Please use an oven mitt when heating on a gas stove as the kettle's handle and whistle may get hot due to the heat from the flame rising up the sides.

Do not fill kettle with water above bottom of spout. Boiling water could flow out of the spout if you overfill.

Allow hot kettle to stand for 15 seconds before pouring water.

Do not heat Chantal kettle empty or add cold water to a hot teakettle (allow to cool naturally before re-filling.) Pouring cold water into a hot kettle could cause blue/brown heat discoloration to appear on stainless kettle or enamel breakdown on enameled kettle.

Use a burner smaller in diameter than the kettle.

Do not allow gas flames to come up the sides of the kettle.

Useful Hints:

Before first use of the Enamel and Stainless Kettle, wash the inside of the kettle with hot soapy water, rinse and dry.

To activate whistle, kettle should be at least half full of water. Filling with water above spout bottom will cause whistle to sputter.

Minerals in tap water may cause small white dots on the inside of your stainless kettle. This does not interfere with the performance of the kettle. Use filtered water to avoid mineral deposits.

Keep your teakettle and Hohner whistle free of mineral deposits by regularly boiling one quart of water with ¼ cup vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes.

Chlorinated and distilled water may cause wear on the inside of your enamel teakettle. To extend the life of your teakettle we recommend using filtered water.

When storing your teakettle for a period of time, keep the whistle flipper open to dry out the interior.

If the lid becomes difficult to remove due to expansion, press the notches located on the inner lip firmly inward.

The Enamel Teakettle is dishwasher safe and also may be washed by hand. For best results, we recommend mild abrasive cleansers such as "Soft Scrub" or "Cameo" may be used on the outside enamel.

Keep your Stainless Teakettle spot-free by rinsing in hot water and hand drying. Everyday use may result in minor scratching, but this will not affect performance.

Do not use steel wool, scouring pads, oven cleaners, bleach or strong abrasive cleansers.

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