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Knife Sharpening Made Easy
The majority of the Global knives are sharpened or ground straight to a point rather than beveled resulting in a dramatically sharper knife which stays sharper longer. The edge is so large and prominent that it is easily seen with the naked eye and extends a quarter inch or more up from the tip of the knife. Because of this we recommend using MinoSharp Hand-Held Ceramic Whetstone Sharpener, MinoSharp Water Stone Sharpening System, and Global Medium Ceramic Stone with Stainless Holder.

The MinoSharp Hand-Held Ceramic Whetstone Sharpener for Global, consists of two ceramic wheels: the white wheel is coarse and the pink colored wheel completes the medium sharpening process. This sharpener is specifically designed for the fine edge on Global knives. This sharpener is fast, simple to use and produces excellent results.

    MinoSharp and MinoSharp Plus Directions for use

  • 1. Pour water into the compartment of the sharpener and keep it there during sharpening operation. The water in the wheel compartment serves always to rinse the revolving ceramic whetstones and to prevent over-heating the knife blade.
  • 2. To keep the sharpener steady, firmly grip the handle with one handl.
  • 3. Hold the knife with your forefinger on the back of the knife, and place the knife blade vertically into groove No.1 with the white wheel, and move the blade back and forth with slight pressure seven or eight times, or an necessary.


  • 4. Next, place the knife blade vertically into groove No.2 with the pink wheel and move the blade back and forth with slight pressure seven or eight times.

  • It is very important not to apply too much pressure when passing the knife through the sharpener, doing so may damage the wheels.

  • 5. When sharpening is complate, please hand wash knife in warm water and carefully dry with a dry towel or other cloth before use
  • 6. MIinoSharp sharpeners have been tested and approved by CATRA, the foremost authority on knife sharpening techniques, based in Sheffield, England. The number of strokes required will depend on the type and condition of the knife, but we would recommend:-

    a) For GLOBAL knives 7 or 8 strokes on the wheels.

    b) For other brands first try 15 strokes on the wheels. If still not sharp enough, please repeat with another 15 strokes.

  • Please note.
    Only light pressure should be applied to the knife during the sharpening process. Excessive pressure on the knife may cause damage to the wheels.

    MinoSharp Water Whetstone Directions for use

    This kit has been specially developed for use with professional quality kitchen knives.

    Whetstone size:- 210mm x 22mm x 70mm.

  • No.459 Green - MinoSharp Rough 240 Grit Water Whetstone.
    No.460 Brown - MinoSharp Medium 1000 Grit Water Whetstone.
    No.461 Beige - MinoSharp Super fine 6000 Grit Water Whetstone.

  • MinoSharp Rough 240 Grit Water Whetstone - The Rough finish whetstone should be used when blades are chipped, damaged or completely blunt.
    MinoSharp Medium 1000 Grit Water Whetstone - The Medium finish whetstone is the main stone for sharpening knives, which have become blunt.
    MinoSharp Super fine 6000 Grit Water Whetstone - The Super fine finish whetstone should be used to finely sharpen knives. Using this whetstone will retain the sharp edge of the knives for longer periods.

    Sharp blades help to maintain the freshness of fish, vegetables, meat, etcetera, etcetera

  • Before you use the whetstone, please check to see that its surface is completely flat. If it is not, you must flatten it by rubbing it against a fine concrete surface.

  • Once the whetstone is flat, soak it in water for 10 - 15 minutes until the air bubbles rising up from the stone disappear. During shapening always kep a small amount of water on the stone, also, leave the powder residue from the stone, on the stone whilst sharpening.

  • When sharpening with a water whetstone, it is important to maintain the same angle between the knife blade and the stone. We have specially prepared our Guide Rails for this purpose.

    MinoSharp No.462 2Pcs. Deluxe Guide Rails - Introduction

  • Small Guide Rail:- Suitable for blade length up to 6"
    Large Guide Rail:- Suitable for blade length over 6"

  • Quality knives should be kept sharp and in good condition for long life, ease of use and safety. We recommend that they are sharpened regularly on a whetstone before they become dull to preserve the original sharpness.
  • Extensive research has shown that the optimum blade edge angle for most cutting tasks is between 10 - 15 degrees, Using our Guide Rails will help you to achieve this sharpening angle and get the best performance from your knives
  • The Guide Rails are lined with plastic to minimize any scratching on the knives during their use. Any time you remove one from your knife, rinse and clean thoroughly to remove any particles of grit remaining inside the Guide Rails which can scratch the knife when the Guide Rail is next used. Slide the Guide Rail onto and along the top of the blade
  • For knives ground on both sides, we recommend sharpening the right side of the blade first until you feel a burr on the left side. Then change hands and sharpen the left-side of the blade until you feel a burr on the right side. Repeat this alternating from the right side to the left side 4 of 5 times until you have removed the burr from both sides.
  • knives with blades ground on ONE SIDE ONLY should be sharpened with the angle of the edge meeting the whetstone at the same angle. They must NOT be sharpend using a steel.

    After sharpening, knives should be washed in mild soapy warm water and then thoroughly dried.

    Global Waterstone and Ceramic Stone Sharpening Directions

    Global Waterstone and Ceramic Stone – There are various types and sizes available. Normally, a medium grit is sufficient with which to start. However, if the blade is blunt or damaged, it may be necessary to start with a rough grit.

    There are several differences between waterstones and ceramic stones. A waterstone must be placed in water and allowed to soak for 10-15 minutes to allow it to absorb sufficient moisture. A ceramic stone also requires water and to soak in water 3-5 minutes. A ceramic stone is harder than a waterstone, so it will sharpen your knives more quickly. A ceramic stone will last longer and will not develop valleys or groves as easily AS A WATERSTONE.

    Regardless of the size or type of stone you are uslng, the procedures for sharpenlng are as follows:
  • 1. The Ceramic stone should be soaked in the water for 3-5 minutes before you use
  • 2. Hold the knife so that the blade meets the stone at a 10-15 degree angle, then push back and forth across the stone in smooth steady strokes maintainlng the same angle. Maintaining the same angle is most important. You will know you are maintaining the same angle from the sound the knife makes against the stone. If you are making the same sound with each stroke back and forth against the stone, you are maintaining the same angle.
  • 3. Repeat 2 above on both sides of the blade going from one side to the other until your knife is sharp and there are no burrs on either side.
  • 4. During sharpening a certain amount of wet powder will appear, but do not wash or wipe off this residue and continue sharpening. Although this powder appears unsightly, it is this residue which sharpens the knives.
  • 5. After sharpening, your knives should be washed in hot water and then towel dried.

  • Global Ceramic or Global Diamond Rods - Stone sharpening is the best way to sharpen any knives, not just GLOBAL knives. In between stone sharpenings or in place of stone sharpening, if you so desire, you can use Global's ceramic (G-25) or Global diamond (G-38) rods. These sharpeners are made from the two hardest materials known to man. They are suitable for sharpening all good quality knives. The diamond rod is harder than the ceramic rod and will bring back an edge quicker, but both are quite acceptable for sharpening your GLOBAL knives.

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